The relatively "easy" 1968-S and 1970-S still fetch hundreds of dollars . Thank you for your great question and photos of the coin, too! I have a 1999 quarter is it worth anything other than face value This coin is safe to spend. Meanwhile, uncirculated 1983-D quarters are worth $7 and up. Yes, you can buy uncirculated quarters from a coin dealer. This coin exhibits post-Mint environmental damage; in this case. Just as you would keep your guard up when it comes to anything online, treat your numismatic sources in much the same way. All 10 hours of PTO will be paid out.Most people get the max amount of Ppto in October, 48 hours is all you get unless you live in a state that has no limit. I received it in change at a liquor store the weight was 5.9 and did you happen to see the eagle?theres one of those grading places over here in Riverside and I couldnt spot any real dirt on either side other than my hands there was no penitrationin the smooth parts on the coin I use a eye peice that puts you right on top of the coinscan see the nose hair on the president,well mabie not that nose hairs because its not part of a coin but its a 100x close up and those nickel pits went in but it looks to me like only on those spots is were the nickal was on the planchette. Just wondering. Many times a key date coin also involves a mintmark. It was difficult to take images because of the mirror front (see image) and yes, it has a weak spot on obverse, there is ZERO (click on image) clad. Im afraid I dont see any accompanying images that will allow me to assist you. Reading only a couple of books or relying only on internet sources will not provide sufficient knowledge to do well as a coin treasure hunter. Also how do I go about having it checked into to see if it has any sort of greater value? Remember to use all of the resources you haveespecially this one, Treasures in Your Pocket. Check your inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription. Again, noofficial Mint uncirculated sets were issued in 1982. But if there is a D or S mintmark on the reverse, the value of the coin jumps to a few hundred dollars! See more photos and info about clad coins. Most of these error quarters involve apparitions of a superfluous spruce tree to the right of the state outline on the coin's reverse side (i.e. This, unfortunately, isnt the same as a doubled die error, in which the hub that imprints the image on the die accidentally reveals doubling. Im only looking thru circulated quarter rolls, can I buy uncirculated quarters some where? I also have a dime with doubling on it or so it looks like can you look at it and explain the error or doubling if you will? hey josh,1965 Washington quarter that has doubling IN GOD WE TRUST & on back of his hair Also bottom of his neck (pic below) could sure would appreciate your thoughts. Do you regulars on here check all your pocket change and what's the most valuable coin you've found in pocket change Travis G, Mar 13, 2021 #1 + Quote Reply Guest User Guest Log in or Sign up to hide this ad. Sometimes dies break apart and form small cracks that look similar to lightning bolts on coins. Who wouldnt be excited to pay $10 for a quarter, only to discover that its a tougher die variety worth a few hundred dollars? A Guide Book of United States Coins (the Red Book) by R.S. There is a yearly limit on the amount of ppto you can earn and most people hit that limit during 4th quarter. Im the Coin Editor here at TheFunTimesGuide. 1982 souvenir sets are coveted by collectors today because they contain the scarce uncirculated quarters and other 1982 coins that collectors have a difficult time findingin pristine condition these days. I cannot find ANYTHING like it, be so Im hoping someone can shed some light for me. Today, a 1983-P Washington quarter is the most valuable coin among all regular-issue, non die variety circulated clad quarters. rare 1976 quarter to look for in pocket change bicentennial quarter 17761976 TOP 10 Most Valuable Coins in Circulation Rare Pennies, Nickels, Dimes & Quarters Worth Money HIGHLY DESIRED 2022 Maya Angelou Quarter Errors Collectors Are Paying Top Dollar For! Die errors happen when there is a problem with the creation of the dies in the Mints tool shop or during the production life of a die. This coin is exceedingly rare. Some of the books mentioned throughout this work are listed here for your convenience. Also, the U.S. Mint was really ramping up its commemorative coin program in the mid 1980s, and many people simply paid more attention to buying those than, say, saving rolls or bags of 1986-D Washington quarters. Typical die varieties include doubled dies,repunched mintmarksor dates, and changes to die surface from over-polishing or die clashes.

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